Centre for Contemporary Photography

The Digital Lightroom 16-17 July 2016

This introductory weekend course outlines a simple but incredibly powerful digital imaging workflow. It is especially designed for anyone who is confused by what to do first, second and last to their images, and/or has trouble locating and archiving their files. It features Adobe Lightroom and covers the cataloguing, processing, and storage/archiving of our digital images, as well as their printing, exhibiting and web distribution. Workflow design and creative outcomes are integrated to not only guarantee the efficient production of high quality pictures, but to also successfully archive our images for fast retrieval now or in the future without compromising quality. The overall objective is to establish an informed, robust and affective image processing, developing and exporting workflow.  Topics covered include:


Processing Digital Images 

•  Sorting, renaming, rating and syncing images 

•  White balance, exposure, contrast, sharpness, colourfulness

•  Selective control of hue, saturation and brightness

•  Local editing and progressive retouching

•  Processing presets and histories


Editing and Exporting Digital Images

•  Re-defining relationships in the image

•  File formats, output sharpening and resizing images

•  Colour management and choosing an RGB working space

•  Spectacular B&W conversions from colour originals

•  Export settings for web distribution and photo books


Printing and Displaying Digital Prints

•  Selecting papers and printing processes

•  Aesthetic considerations: depth, dimensionality and presence

•  Optimising printer driver settings

•  Softproofing and hardproofing digital images

•  Exhibiting prints and lighting considerations


Archiving and Preserving Digital Assets

•  Importing, annotating and cataloguing images                                                          

•  IPTC and EXIF metadata, templates and search engines

•  DNG workflows and file migration

•  RAID (0, 1, 5, 10) and Beyond-RAID storage systems

•  Short and long term storage and archiving strategies


The course is based around a series of practical demonstrations and investigations of the downloading, importing, processing, editing, printing, and archiving/storage of digital images. Examples are drawn from a broad range of photographic activity with an emphasis on practical solutions to real world problems, such as locating missing files, batch processing large numbers of images, automating workflows, and printing exceptionally fine prints.  Detailed course notes and video tutorials are provided.

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