Centre for Contemporary Photography

No True Self: Party + Performances

Saturday April 25, 2020


Join us for an evening of captivating performances, high energy tunes, and a damn good party, as artists transform CCP into a club-like environment, through sound and performance. Throbbing rhythms, melodic synth lines and jungle breakbeats, interspersed with dance and performance, will create a charged atmosphere in which to experience No True Self; an exhibition featuring seven emergent European voices exploring the effects of lens-based technologies on our ability to connect amidst such an uncertain future.

Exhibiting Finnish artist Artor Jesus Inkero will join local talent Hextape, Nina Buchanan and Bon Mott. Through the resistance of normative hierarchies and a consideration of the body as a site of activism, these artists challenge gender binaries, the boundaries of human subjectivity, and question our social and political responsibilities. Seeking positive social change through intimate, intuitive practices informed by themes of healing and social connection, these artists playfully probe how self-representation, queerness and gender identity may be performed and shaped by digital technologies.

For more information on the No True Self exhibition, see the exhibition page.

Artor Jesus Inkerö
Spanning photography, video, and performance, Artor Jesus Inkerö’s artworks are part of what the artist terms a “holistic bodily project”. Embracing hyper-masculine bodybuilding standards, and using the supplements, gestures, attire and behaviours associated with this subculture, Inkerö (who uses the pronoun “they”) manipulates both the viewer and the external qualities of self-representation. Conflating artist and persona, they use online culture in their work as part of their self-transformation, a performance that is both a physical and social experiment, and one that addresses the visual and societal expectations of gender.

Inkerö is currently artist in residence at the Rijksakademie Residency in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and has exhibited throughout Finland and recently in the New Museum in New York, USA.

Nina Buchanan
Nina Buchanan is a Melbourne based electronic musician and composer, working at the intersection of club music, analogue synth experimentation and classical composition. Weaving themes of healing, social connection and intimacy, her practice engages in a questioning of community, queer subjectivity and social/political responsibility.

Renowned for her powerful live performances, Buchanan’s elemental, intuitive approach to techno wades through lush melodic synth lines, thumping, off-kilter rhythms and atmospheric soundscapes, with an evolving yet instantly recognisable style to her output.

Buchanan’s composition work has garnered a reputation as idiosyncratic, emotive and complex, with commissions for Mona Foma, ABC Arts, Campbelltown Arts Centre, and soundtracks for projects including internationally acclaimed multimedia work The Second Woman by Nat Randal and Anna Breckon, Exit Strategies by Mish Grigor and Aphids, and cult queer film MyMy by Anna Helme. Buchanan has two solo releases on Melbourne label Nice Music, Sunk and Highly Emotional with a debut LP in the works, and two releases on Sydney label Paradise Daily with long time collaborator Del Lumanta as Video Ezy.

Hextape is the solo project of Bridget Chappell, an award-winning sound artist and activist working on unceded Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung country. Hextape is their exploration of rave culture as speculative fiction, spanning the hardcore continuum from gabber to jungle, breakbeat, and techno. Recent works include 2 Fast 2 Furious (2019) on Anterograde, and Undertow (2019) for the City of Melbourne, a data-driven work for cello and the Federation Bells.

They are currently artist in residence at Testing Grounds where they are developing an experimental sound system to phase cancel police sirens. In 2017 they received the award for Best Experimental/Avant Garde act from Music Victoria for their work founding and coordinating Sound School, a project upskilling and celebrating marginalised voices in electronic music through free workshops.

Bon Mott
Bon Mott is a non-binary artist and curator who identifies as lightning and creates trans/disciplinary process-driven sculpture, photography and performance art installations. Learning from Indigenous philosophies, astrophysics, alchemy, and neuroscience through the framework of lightning, they entangle the binaries of male and female, human, non-human and post-human. They aim to transmute or upturn normative hierarchies and power structures as a way to invite positive social change.

Recent exhibitions and performances have taken place in Belgrade, Serbia, Hobart, Australia, London, UK, Melbourne, Australia, Minneapolis, USA, Niagara, Canada, Perth, Australia, Saint Remy, France, Sydney, Australia, Venice, Italy.

Bon Mott facilitates the inclusive Second Space Projects (2SP) curatorial space in Fitzroy.

Image: Nina Buchanan by Carmen Juarez, 2019

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