Centre for Contemporary Photography

Masterclass | Les Walkling: A Professional Digital Workflow

From Lightroom and Photoshop to printing and publishing, from accurate white balance to editing images and matching prints to screen, the accurate management of tone and colour is at the heart of every digital imaging process. This intermediate to advanced studio workshop presents a logical and comprehensive approach to accurately controlling the capturing, processing, editing and reproduction of images throughout our workflows and across our creative practice. The aim is to acquire the critical knowledge and essential skills demanded by the highest image quality and colour fidelity. That is, to enjoy and benefit from a workflow that really 'works'.

Topics covered include:

Understanding and Interpreting Tone and Colour
—The principles of colour reproduction in digital workflows
—Illusions, reality and photography
—The relationship between images and colour gamuts
—Choosing the right RGB, CMYK and Greyscale working spaces
—Assigning and converting profiles

Setting up a Professional Digital Workflow
—Evaluating appropriate software and hardware
—Implementing and automating digital workflows
—Establishing a working and viewing environment
—Collaborating with designers, labs and prepress services
—Storage and archiving solutions

Profiling Cameras, Monitors and Printers
—Seeing 'correct' colour
—Creating custom camera, scanner, monitor, and printer profiles
—Sourcing and evaluating commercially available profiles
—The spectral analysis of devices, lighting and materials
—Advanced soft proofing solutions

Working with Materials and Devices
—Avoiding RGB editing errors
—Independent tone and colour editing controls
—Matching a screen image to its printed or published image
—Publishing and separating into CMYK colour spaces
—Converting for Web output

The workshop is based around a series of practical tasks and demonstrations that demystify the management of tone and colour while integrating its critical functions into contemporary digital imaging practice. Real-world exercises involving the calibration and profiling of monitors, cameras and printers as well as verified soft and hard proofing are integrated into a professional fully colour managed workflow. Detailed course notes and calibration guides are provided.

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