Centre for Contemporary Photography

Masterclass | Les Walkling

2 sessions
Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 September 2016, 10am—4.30pm

Dr Les Walkling on Landscape

This two day Masterclass explores contemporary landscape photographic practice from three perspectives:
   — Pre and post capture equipment and technique
   — Field work, workflow, and style
   — History, critique, and review
Various contemporary approaches to landscape photography are engaged, from the representational to the picturesque, including mythical landscapes, poetic landscapes, politicised landscapes, commercial landscapes, and manufactured or altered landscapes. The overall aim is to ensure the individual is expertly informed, and to dramatically improve their practice, especially their technique, process, presentation and analysis.

Specific topics include:
What is in the camera bag
Lens selection and perspective control
Sensor format - medium vs full frame 35mm
Weight and portability
Tripods - testing stability, ball heads vs geared heads
Filters - pre production vs post production
Panorama equipment - GigaPan vs Really RIght Stuff

Working in the field
Seeing the light - feeling the moment
Perspective and where to stand
Measuring and evaluating light and dynamic range
Water proofing cameras and cleaning lenses and sensors
Setting up a pano-head and capturing multiple images
Focus and exposure stacking techniques

Landscape into Art
A brief history of Land represented as Landscape
Pictorial design - how pictures function
Cultural design - how pictures think
Photographing Things
Photographing Feelings
Artist statements and contextual essays

Processing and Editing
Backing up, cataloguing and processing in the field
Focus Stacking - controlling depth of field
Exposure Stacking - controlling dynamic range
Compositing images and how to drop-in skies
Luminosity selections, highlight bump masks, shadow luminosity masks
Increasing presence, depth and dimensionality

The Masterclass runs from 10.00am to 4.30pm each day, and includes generous breaks for individual questions and answers. The main workshop is presented through discussion, demonstration, critical analysis, case studies and practical applications.

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