Centre for Contemporary Photography

Introduction to Digital Photography 21-22 May 2016

This introductory weekend course presents a comprehensive overview of the practice and principles of digital photography, while emphasising essential camera and lens skills and covering each stage of digital capture. It not only covers working with our digital cameras in knowledgable and creative ways, but also provides an introduction to what else we can to do with our images once they are captured and downloaded. It is specifically designed for photographers and artists relatively new to the world of digital imaging, and provides a sophisticated guide to what is involved, what is possible and what is required.  Topics covered include:


The First Principles of Digital Photography

•  The digital transformation of continuous tone and resolution

•  Understanding JPEG, TIFF, PSD and RAW file formats

•  Image, screen and printer resolution

•  File size versus print size: How many pixels do I need? 

•  Colour profiles: What colour space do I work in?


Understanding Digital Cameras

•  Navigating camera menus and manuals 

•  Aperture and depth of field

•  Shutter speed and motion

•  ISO settings and digital noise

•  Lenses and perspective


Working with Digital Cameras

•  Creative compositions

•  Subject versus camera contrast

•  Depth of field calculations and applications

•  Fill flash techniques

•  ‘Seeing’ the light: Photographing fact and fiction


Setting up a Digital Photography Workflow

•  Selecting, buying and maintaining digital imaging equipment

•  JPEG versus RAW workflows

•  Cataloguing, storing and archiving digital images

•  Seeing accurate colour on your monitor

•  Manuals, textbooks, forums and other sources of information


The course is based on practical explanations with ‘hands-on’ demonstrations, and plenty of opportunities to practice and refine your camera craft and creative ‘seeing’.  While it is not essential for each participant to own a digital SLR camera, those who do are encouraged to bring it with them.  Participants might also enrol in this course to help them decide what equipment best meets their needs.  Details course notes, exercises and video tutorials are provided.

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