Centre for Contemporary Photography

Loving Photoshop 101 15-16 October 2016

This intermediate weekend course presents a comprehensive Adobe Photoshop post-processing workflow. While Photoshop can be incredibly frustrating in inexperienced hands, it is undoubtedly the most powerful, sophisticated and eloquent program we can work with. Photoshop can produce results othewise unimaginable, and this solution based course provides the answers you need to make your images literally ‘jump off the wall, page or screen’. It is designed for photographers and artists already proficient with the basic concepts of digital imaging who now want to profoundly extend their Photoshop practice, knowledge and understanding.  It provides a detailed visual investigation of incredible Photoshop tools and techniques, where the aim is to help you to work far more confidently, creatively, efficiently and professionally as a Photoshop artist.  Topics covered include:


Editing Photoshop

•  Taming Photoshop’s complexity while eliminating confusion

•  The famous five colour and density correction fundamentals

•  Sliders, curves and blending modes

•  Alternate colour spaces: HSL versus RGB versus LAB

•  Smart Objects: Image conservation and preservation


Managing Photoshop

•  Choosing the best colour space and bit depth

•  Customising Photoshop settings, preferences and workspaces

•  Power editing through channel and layer operations

•  Navigating layer masks: The secrets of local corrections

•  Automating repetitive Photoshop tasks and actions


Compositing Photoshop

•  Combining images from different sources

•  Refining selection and masking techniques

•  Working creatively with blending modes

•  Luminosity masking: Good enough for Hollywood, good enough for me

•  Creative image distortion and colour and tone equivalance


Specialist Photoshop Techniques

•  Superior B&W images from colour originals

•  Portrait retouching through frequency separation and hand colouring

•  Freaky Photoshop separation and enhancement techniques

•  Substituting luminosity and split toning techniques

•  Reverse overlay masking and the 3rd dimension


The course is organised around a series of ‘beyond the basics’ demonstrations which present custom and unique solutions to practical imaging problems.  Photoshop poetics go hand in hand with fast and furious processing, while key concepts such as nondestructive editing and Photoshop specific techniques are updated to significantly extend the practice of creative digital production.  Though not essential, participants are encouraged to bring along a laptop with a recent version of Photoshop installed.  Detailed course notes and video tutorials are provided.

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