Centre for Contemporary Photography


Your donation to CCP enables us to achieve the following: 

$10  Without this sort of donation, CCP couldn't survive, thank you.
$20  With this, CCP could buy soap and hand towels for the bathrooms.
$50  This could go towards cleaners for the gallery.
$70  This could fund our online point-of-sale system of a month.
$100  With this, we could buy a tin of white paint to freshen up the gallery between shows.
$150  This could pay for two months of internet connection.
$200  This could fund a public program at the gallery.
$300  This could allow us to purchase quality headphones to loan to artists installing video works.
$400  This could light the gallery for a month. 
$500  This would provide the artist's fee for the Night Projection Window for 5 weeks.
$600  This could replace one data projector globe.
$700  This would pay for 1 artist to exhibit in Galleries 1, 2 or 4 at CCP.
$1000  This could buy CCP a new data projector.
$1400  This would cover an artist's fee for Gallery 3 for one exhibition.
$20,000  This would fund a new website for the gallery after nearly a decade with the same one.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.
If you prefer not to use the online shop, or would like to donate to CCP via cheque, pleasedownload the CCP Donation Form and return it to CCP, or call 03 9417 1549. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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