Centre for Contemporary Photography

"Unraveling To resound, unbound" — Charlotte Day and Jack Willet in Conversation: An event to support CCP’s 35th Anniversary Program

Wednesday 19 May 6:30—8:00pm

Join us at CCP for a private exhibition tour where former CCP Director and current Director of the Monash Museum of Art Charlotte Day and CCP Curator Jack Willet will share insights into the current exhibition To resound, unbound. Expanding upon the exhibitions desire to talk of artists as a surface – one of texture and density — Day and Willet will talk of the resounding effect these artists (surfaces) have, to then look at how they adapt or unbind that which comes to them, moulding it to their artistic will, before resound back through artistic expression.

Enjoy a signature autumnal cocktail and tasty treats from our friends at Napier Quarter.

Ticketed at $50 a head, all proceeds from this event support CCP’s 35th Anniversary Program.

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